About FEOph

FEOph – the Federation of European Ophthalmology

FEOph is a supranational European society founded in 2007 by representatives of four major European societies of ophthalmology, SFO, DOG, SOI and SEO and is therefore representing more than 15,000 European ophthalmologists in Europe

The aim of FEOph is to improve the exchange of information and to increase the level of communication between the European Societies and the individual ophthalmologist in Europe. In doing so, FEOph increases the visibility of European Ophthalmology and helps to coordinate the various activities.

This Platform is a significant step in this direction:

The FEOph Sight Portal offers a comprehensive overview of the European Societies, their congresses, programs, grants, publications etc.

The FEOph Sight Newsletter summarizes the latest news and informs on new guidelines, congress details, grant programs and much more. Every European ophthalmologist will receive the newsletter via his national society if the society participates in the FEOph Sight program.

Both, portal and newsletter increase the visibility of European Societies as well as their programs and activities. On the other hand every individual ophthalmologist in Europe can very easily access the FEOph Sight Portal and gather information on what is going on in Europe.

The FEOph Sight Program is free of charge for all participating societies and their members! It is a significant step towards the integration of European Ophthalmology.

We invite all colleagues and societies in Europe to take advantage of it! Join in!

The FEOph Board