FEOph Symposium SOI 2021, Rome

This year’s symposium took place on Saturday morning, 27th November 2021, under the title “Cataract surgery and adoption of innovative technologies in the public health system”. The symposium was presided by Prof. W. Aclimandos and Dr. Piovella who gave a short introduction. The moderators were Prof. Pier-Enrico Gallenga and Dr. Salvador Garcia-Delpech.

The following lectures were given:

Cataract surgery and perioperative care: less is more?
R.K. Khanna – France

Establishment of a quality control registry study in cataract surgery as a hospital partnership project
M.E. Herrmann – Germany

Cataract Surgery and Adoption of innovative technologies
F. Corvi – Italy

Innovation in cataract surgery at Spanish public health
A. Alcántara Santillana – Spain

Surgery and Adoption of innovative technologies: A UK Perspective
L. FU – UK

These lectures were followed by the round table discussion.

Please find the synopsis of the symposium below. Lucia Pelosini kindly summarized the meeting.

Round Table

Moderators: W. Aclimandos, P.E. Gallenga, S. García-Delpech, M. Piovella

Panel: B. Bodaghi (France), M. Schargus (Germany), M. Piovella (Italy), M. Gessa Sorroche (Spain), L. Pelosini (UK)