FEOph Symposium DOG 2019, Berlin

From 26th to 29th September 2019 the 117 DOG Congress took place in Berlin. The FEOph Symposium was titled: To inject or not to inject? The following presentations were shown.

During the FEOph Symposium, junior speakers from France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain are holding lectures with focus on the topic “To inject or not to inject? – Antibiotics in Cataract Surgery”. The presentations are followed by a roundtable discussion with five experts from these countries who will discuss the different national approaches and strategies. The best lecture was held by Dr. Andrea Llovet from Spain.
The following presentations were shown:

Intraoperative contamination by preserved multi-dose eye drops

Andreas Schneider, Johannes Knobloch, Olaf Hellwinkel, Martin Spitzer, Robert Kromer (Hamburg, Germany)

Antibiotics in endophtalmitis post cataract surgery

Dr. Juliette Knoeri (Paris, France)

Ingredients in the Anterior Chamber: Bacteria and antibiotics. The Italian Recipe

Dr. Alessio Montericcio (Trapani, Italy)

Incidence of endophtalmitis before and after using intracameral cefuroxime in phacoemulsification

Dr. Andrea Llovet (Valencia, Spain)

Keep calm and inject antibiotics

Dr. Paolo Meier (London, UK)

These presentations were followed by a roundtable discussion. The following panel was present:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Neß  (Freiburg, Germany)
Dr. Barbara Ameline (Paris, France)
Dott. Fabrizio Camesasca (Mailand, Italy)
Dr. Gerassimos Lascaratos (London, UK)
Dr. Rafael Bilbao (Madrid, Spain)

Please see details in the following synopsis: