FEOph Symposium DOG 2022, Berlin

During the FEOph Symposium, which took place on Saturday, October 1st, 2022 at the Estrel Conference Center in Berlin, junior speakers from France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany gave lectures with focus on the session’s topic. This year the FEOph Symposium was titled: Surface in Flames – Management strategies? The presentations were followed by a roundtable discussion with experts from these countries who will discuss the different national approaches and strategies.

Details of the Programme:

Surface in Flames – Management strategies

New treatment options in Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis
Gilles Martin (Paris, France)

Topical insulin for refractory persistent corneal epithelial defects
Barbara Burgos-Blasco (Madrid, Spain)

Fine needle diathermy and corneal crosslinking for regression of corneal neovascularization before high-risk keratoplasty: pilot data
Mert Mestanoglu (Cologne, Germany)

Anterior segment in Systemic Vasculitis
Jasdeep Gill (London, United Kingdom)

The role of autologous serum eyedrops in the treatment of severe refractory dry eye disease in primary Sjögren Syndrome: a real life analysis
Francesca Cappelli (Milano, Italy)

The lecture of Dr. Burgos-Blasco from Spain was awarded as the best presentation (see picture below).

The roundtable discussion following was chaired by Prof. Dr. Claus Cursiefen (Cologne/DOG).

Further participants were Prof. Dr. Serge Doan (Paris), Gaspare Monaco (Milano) and David Shahnazaryan (London). Please finde the synopsis of this meeting here.