FEOph Symposium DOG 2023, Berlin

The FEOph Symposium was held on Saturday, September 30th, 2023 starting at 3 p.m. Its title is: “SLT, MIGS & drops: What and when?!”
During this symposium junior speakers from France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain are holding lectures with focus on the management strategies of ocular surface diseases. The presentations are followed by a roundtable discussion with five experts from these countries who will discuss the different national approaches and strategies.


Quality of life improvement by drop reduction after SLT/MIGS
Kira Hilmers (Köln)

I-stent nasal or temporal placement does it matter?
Amina Rezkallah (Lyon, F)

Update on laser trabeculoplasty: new laser technology
Noemi Guemes (Madrid, E)

The Preserflo Microshunt: Saviour or Average Joe?
Madalina Pavel (London, UK)

360° Ab-Interno Schlemm’s Canal Viscodilation with OMNI Viscosurgical Systems for Open-Angle Glaucoma
Andrea Gabai (Udine, I)

The presentation “The Preserflo Microshunt: Saviour or Average Joe?” given by Dr. Madalina Pavel (London, UK) was elected as the best presentation in the symposium (see picture below).

Roundtable Discussion
Verena Prokosch (Cologne, Moderation)
Jose Maria Martinez de la Casa (Madrid, E)
Antonio Maria Fea (Turin, I)
Jean-Marie Giraud (Paris, F)
Obeda Kailani (London, UK)

Plaase find here the synopsis on the roundtable discussion.