FEOph Symposium SOI 2022, Rome

This year’s symposium took place on Saturday morning, 19th November 2022, under the title “Refractive surgery triples the benefits of established cataract surgery” in the plenary hall (Auditorium Cavlieri). The symposium was presided by Dr. Piovella who gave a short introduction.

Presidenti / Presidents: W. Aclimandos , M. Piovella
Moderatori / Moderators: P.E. Gallenga , S. Garcia Delpech
W. Aclimandos , M. Piovella 

Is it reasonable to perform EDOF implantation in patients at risk of developping maculopathy?
E. Hantz, France

Modified surgical implantation technique of skeletal fixated carlevale IOL with formation of “scleral pockets“ – Results and comparison to the conventional “flap technique“
M. Ponomarov, Germany

New surgical technologies in our clinical practice
L. Pace, Italy

By changing nothing, nothing changes
D. García Teillard, Spain

Immediate Sequential Bilateral Cataract Surgery (ISBCS) Safety and efficacy
A. Syed, UK

As best junior talk was elected “Immediate Sequential Bilateral Cataract Surgery (ISBCS) – Safety and efficacy” by Ahmed Syed. He will receive an invitation to the Spanish congress next year (registration and hotel covered by SEO); and the Spanish talk “By changing nothing, nothing changes” by Damian García Teillard was awarded with participation in the SOI Fellow program.

Round-Table following the Junior Speeches
Moderatori / Moderators: W. Aclimandos , P.E. Gallenga, S. Garcia Delpech, M. Piovella
Panel / Panel: C. Arndt (France), R.R. Deshmukh (UK), A. Liekfeld (Germany), A.G. Mayte (Spain), M. Piovella (Italy)

Please refer to the synopsis of the round-table discussion.