FEOph Symposium SFO 2017, Paris

IOL in children : When, what, how and who?
FEOph Symposium and Roundtable Discussion

Paris, May 6, 2017

Chair: Pascal Dureau, Laurent Kodjikian

During the FEOph Symposium, junior speakers from France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain were holding lectures with focus on „IOL in children : When, what, how and who?“. The presentations were followed by a roundtable discussion with five experts from these countries who discussed the different national approaches and strategies.

The roundtable discussion was chaired by Pascal Dureau (Paris, France). The panel consisted of Wagih Aclimandos (London, UK), Michele Fortunato (Rome, Italy), Salavador García-Delpech (Valencia/Spain), Wolf Lagrèze (Freiburg, Germany), Empar Sanz (Manises, Spain). a summary of the roundtable discussion can be downloaded here

A summary of the different approaches as discussed in the Symposium as well as the abstracts of the junior speakers will be published shortly.

– Dr Charlotte DENIER (Paris, France)
Pseudoaccommodation in children

– Dr Claudia KUHLI-HATTENBACH (Frankfurt, Germany)
The risk of postoperative glaucoma in congenital cataract surgery: primary IOL implantation vs aphakia

– Dr Laura MAUBON (London, Great Britain)
Under Pressure: Glaucoma Following Congenital Cataract Surgery

– Dr Paolo TASSINARI (Ferrara, Italy) – awarded as Best Presentation –
Treatment of congenital cataract

– Dr Rodrigo CLEMENTE TOMAS (Valencia, Spain)
Oral Citicoline as an adyuvant treatment for refractory amblyopia