FEOph Symposium SFO 2018, Paris

Best Timing for Macular Hole Surgery
FEOph Symposium and Roundtable Discussion

Paris, May 5, 2018

During the FEOph Symposium, junior speakers from France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain were holding lectures with focus on “Best Timing for Macular Hole Surgery“. The presentations were followed by a roundtable discussion with five experts from these countries who discussed the different national approaches and strategies.

The roundtable discussion was chaired by Hansjürgen Agostini (Freiburg, Germany). The panel consisted of Cesare Mariotti (Italy), Rafael Martinez-Costa (Spain), Wallace Poon (UK), Laurent Kodjikian (France).

A summary of the different approaches as discussed in the Roundtable Discussion will be prepared for download.

The best presentation award was given to Emily Shao (UK) for her presentation “Macular hole and heavy silicone oil”.