FEOph Symposium SFO 2024, Paris

This year’s symposium will take place on Sunday morning, 5th May 2024, under the title “The last challenges in vitreoretinal surgery” in Salle Passy at the Palais de Congrès de Paris. The symposium will be presided by Dr. Piovella who gave a short introduction.

Presidenti / Presidents: M. Piovella
Moderatori / Moderators: C. Arndt

Retinal nerve fiber layer rescue during macular surgery in glaucoma patients
D. Marchina (Bergamo, I)

New approaches for the challenging retinal detachment associated to macular hole
N. Sevilla Rodoreda (Valencia, E)

Mastering retinal hemorrhage
R. Liegl (Bonn, D)

Challenges in diagnosis of vitreoretinal lymphoma
C. Soare (London, GB)

When operate on vitreous hemorraghe occuring in non-diabetic patients?
L. Olory-Garnotel (Reims, F)

Roundtable Discussion:
M. Kacerik (Bergamo, I), P. Udaondo (Valencia, E), L. Hattenbach (Ludwigshafen, D), E. Pringle (London, GB), P. Lenoble (Mulhouse, F)