FEOph Symposium SOI 2017, Rome

The Amazing Adventure through Cataract Surgery: what will appear around the corner?
FEOph Symposium and Roundtable Discussion
Rome, December 2017

FEOph Symposium –
Presidente/President: M. Piovella
Moderatori/Moderators: W. Aclimandos, P.E. Gallenga, S. Garcia-Delpech

Introduction – P.E. Gallenga

MIGS procedure: evolution or revolution? – J.R. Fenolland (France)

First results of modified canaloplasty compared to trabeculectomy – S. Liebezeit (Germany)

Ahmed valve in refractory glaucoma – L.a Zeppa

Analysis of the results obtained in patients operated with Xen implant – P. Martinez Corell (Spain)

Outcomes of subconjunctival shunts (XEN) in a tertiary referral setting – M. Abu-Bakra (UK)

Live Glaucoma Surgery
Moderators: A.M. Fea, M. Nardi, M. Piovella, A. Rapisarda
Surgeon: L.o Zeppa (Cy Pass – Alcon)

Round Table “Lasertherapy for glaucoma, advances, pros/cons longterm follow up”
Panel: P. Brusini (Italy), J.M. Giraud (France), T. Klink (Germany), S. Trikha (UK), S. García- Delpech (Spain)
A summary of the different approaches as discussed in the Roundtable Discussion can be downloaded here