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Dear colleagues,

The Federation of European Ophthalmology is introducing FEOph Sight, a free combination of online-portal and quarterly newsletter.

The FEOph Sight Portal offers a comprehensive overview of the European Societies, their congresses, programs, grants, publications etc.

The FEOph Sight Newsletter summarizes the latest news and informs on new guidelines, congress details, grant programs and much more. Every European ophthalmologist will receive the newsletter via his national society if the society participates in the FEOph Sight program.

Both, portal and newsletter increase the visibility of European Societies as well as their programs and activities. On the other hand every individual ophthalmologist in Europe can very easily access the FEOph Sight Portal and gather information on what is going on in Europe.

The FEOph Sight Program is free of charge for all participating societies and their members! It is a significant step towards the integration of European Ophthalmology.

We invite all colleagues and societies in Europe to take advantage of it! Join in!

The FEOph Board


ESOPRS Study Grant 2011

ESOPRS Study Grants (Mini-Fellowships) to support candidate members without access to sufficient other funds to visit departments to increase their skills or research activities in plastic and reconstructive eyelid, orbital and lacrimal surgery.

ESOPRS Travel Grants 2011

ESOPRS travel grant to enable young ophthalmologists from Eastern European countries to attend and present at ESOPRS meetings.

EBO Residency Exchange 2011

A board certified teaching institution in Western European Union

SOE Educational Grant 2011

Scholarship for ophthalmologists-in-training from East European countries to visit Ophthalmic Centres in Western Europe for a minimum of 4 – 6 weeks observing clinical work in a West European Centre.


RCO Adult Ocular Tumours including Choroidal Naevi

RCO Ocular Toxicity and Hydroxychloroquine

RCO Maximising Capacity in AMD Services


SOI 2011, Nov 24-27

DOG 2011, Sept 29-Oct 1

Industry News

Workshop BVMed-Kompakt-Seminar – 109th DOG Congress

Lunchsymposium Novartis Pharma GmbH – 109th DOG Congress

Lunchsymposium Alcon Pharma GmbH – 109th DOG Congress

Lunchsymposium Heidelberg Engineering GmbH – 109th DOG Congress

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